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5th Chakra by Linda J. Miller
Good Company is the English translation of the Hindu word 'Satsang', and is the practical requirement we need in order to stay on our spiritual path. More specifically, Good Company is obtained through associating with spiritual people, reading spiritual books, and staying connected to our higher power. The intent of this web site is to make Good Company more prevalent in your lives by helping you raise the level of your spirituality. All that appears on this web site reflects the writer's experience, strength and hope.

The purpose of this web site is to get a spiritual message out to as many as possible. This message will have many levels but it's ultimate aim is to provide a simple, easily used set of tools that will allow you to lead a more spiritual life and bring you closer to your Higher Power. It doesn't matter what name you call your Higher Power by. This is not a religious site. It's not intended to get you to go to any church, temple or house of worship. It will never ask you to follow any person or entity in any form of ritual or campaign. All too often in our history, the messenger has become more important than the message. With regard to this site, history shall not repeat itself. Toward that end I will always remain Rev. Phil.

Conversely, this site should not interfere with your practice in any form of organized religion. In fact, you will probably find references and concepts here from most, if not all, of the major religions. It may, at times, have concepts that will conflict with your religious beliefs. That's okay, for conflict leads to questions and only by questioning our belief system can we grow. The ultimate determination will be made by each of you, for each one of you has an intuitive instinct that tells you when you are hearing truth and when you are not. As the Grateful Dead once said "believe it if you need it, if you don't just pass it on." If you find some concepts you cannot subscribe to, hopefully you will continue to read and find others you can embrace. It is my belief that there is an ultimate destination to all the paths we follow, unification with our Higher Power, and everything that appears on this site is intended to help you find and stay on your path of choice.

may LOVE and LIGHT always guide you on your path
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